About the Style of Dog Training

The trainer at Arabian Dog Training

Owning a dog is a life long commitment. Dogs have needs, just as we do, that need to be fulfilled on a daily basis. When neglect settles in, issues with your dog begin to develop. If you have adopted a dog with a history of neglect, abuse or problems, it is vital to understand what your dog needs in order for improvement to begin. 

It is also important to understand why YOU own a dog. Is it to make your children happy? Is it to be your running partner? Is it to protect you at night? Did you just feel the urge to buy one because it needed a home? Or, just like me, you wanted a new best friend that you can do everything with! Knowing why you have a dog will not only help me facilitate a better training program but will help expand not only what you can do for your dog but what your dog can do for you. 

Overall, the training process is a team effort from a holistic approach, which means I look at all elements that play a role in your dogs behaviour and happiness. I will not solely be training your dog but educating you on how small adjustments will ensure there is continued progress with your dog.  In order for this process to be successful, you need to be committed and continue training after our sessions. 

Training Points: 

  • Training will involve treats, hand gestures, postive reinforcement, voice commands and finger snapping (similar to the clicker).
  • Each dog is viewed from a holistic perspective: what the dog eats, type and hours of exericse, how much human and dog interaction, how it responds to commands, any physical ailments, and even how many times the dog poops and pees. This is all important information. 
  • Enable owners to better understand their dogs individual needs via the dogs history, personality, and body language.  
  • Assess how the dogs lifestyle and living stuation may be creating poor behavioural habits. 
  • Educate the whole family how to have a better behaved dog.
  • Individualize a plan that best suites the needs of the family and dog.
  • Establish respect and trust from your dog. 
  • After the first visit, you will be given a handout of guidlines to help continue the training process.   

**Please note: Arabian Dog Training has the right to refuse clients for any reason. 

Why Arabian Dog Training?

If you live in Arabian Ranches, or near, then perfect! Because that is where we are. We emphasis not only training the dog but also educating the owner on how to raise a well behaved dog from a holistic perspective. 

After an assessment has been made, a training schedule will be tailored towards the dogs needs and areas of improvement. 

About the Trainer

I was raised on farm in a small town in British Columbia, Canada. I have grown up with dogs, cats, chickens, pigs and horses. As a result, I am passionate on educating people how to raise and take care of their animals, particularly your canine friend. 

Living in Dubai, I recognize that owning a dog has its difficulties. Dogs need the opportunity to run, play and socialize but with busy work schedules, this limits the time we can give our dogs.   

My goal is to help you find a balance between raising a happy dog and living a demanding schedule. 

Aside from training dogs, I have recently graduated from medical school as a Naturopathic Doctor, obtaining my education in Canada. 

Please visit my website to learn more about what being a naturopathic doctor entails. Click below. 

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